About Us

Your Kiss Counts was created to connect those who can help with those who need help. The initiative follows on from the ‘Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!’ awareness campaign that was launched on International Women’s Day 2013. Momentum for Australia Ltd. is the beneficiary charity of the Your Kiss Counts initiative which invites people from all over the world to pledge a kiss, message, and/or donation in support of the cause.

Show us that you care…

Your kiss Counts invites you to show your support for the following campaigns:

  • ‘Kiss Violence Against Women Goodbye!’ – in support of prevention of violence against women.
  • ‘Kiss Depression Goodbye!’ – in support of Mental Health.
  • ‘Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye!’ – in support of the fight against Breast Cancer.

These initiatives touch everybody in our community; whether they have been personally affected, or through a loved one or relative who has faced one of these issues.

You may pledge a kiss and choose to make a cash donation. All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductable, and all proceeds go to Momentum for Australia Charity.

Make your donation here.

Pledge your kiss to show your support on our website or click here to use our mobile app. We look forward to receiving your support and pledges.